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Caswell Bay, Swansea, SA3 3BS

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Mon - Sun : 7am - 9pm 


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Your Journey to Serenity


Experience unparalleled detoxification, revitalization, and ultimate relaxation for your mind and body.

Yoga by the Ocean

Journey to Serenity

Experience a transformative escape at Caswell Saunas, where warmth melts stress, inviting pure relaxation. Recharge your mind and body in our tranquil sanctuary, ready to embrace life anew.


Discover Blissful Relaxation

Indulge in an oasis of serenity with Caswell Saunas. Let soothing warmth envelop you, providing unparalleled rejuvenation. Unwind and emerge refreshed, ready for life's challenges.

Woman in Plants

Revitalize Mind and Body

Step into profound well-being at Caswell Saunas, where warmth recharges energy, revitalizing your soul. Melt stress away, emerge invigorated, prepared for life's adventures.

Health Benefits

Expirience Sauna's Health Benefits : Elevate Your Well-being!

Sunset Yoga

Unlock a Healthier You

Sauna sessions not only provide a moment of blissful relaxation but also stimulate your body's natural detoxification, promoting overall well-being.

Meditating on Beach

Stress Relief at Its Best

Step into our saunas and leave the worries behind. The serene environment and the sauna's soothing heat work in harmony to provide unparalleled relaxation.

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Absolutely amazing experience, the place is so nice!!
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